About us:

At a glance

Founded on values of passion, accountability, care and excellence we continue to create experiential spaces to benefit generations. This drives our vision to be the leading South African precinct-focused, retail-centered portfolio.

With a view to continuously improve the quality of its assets, introducing innovative and unique experiences that attract tenants and customers to its spaces, L2D strives to create sustainable value for all its stakeholders.


Focused investment strategy

Property is a long-term asset class. We pursue sustainable value delivered over the short and medium term that aligns to our long-term strategy. We leverage our unique competencies by investing in large precincts in and close to high-density areas and economic nodes in South Africa. As a retail-centred REIT, we invest in other property categories within retail-focused precincts to facilitate the creation of multipurpose destinations and unique communities that serve evolving consumer needs.

Quality iconic property portfolio

The L2D portfolio comprises iconic South African, predominantly retail-focused assets. We also own complementary office and hospitality properties within our precincts, which are anchored by blue-chip tenants. Additional assets in our portfolio, including mixed-use commercial and industrial developments and standalone offices, will be disposed of when the right circumstances prevail.

Strong balance sheet and financial strength

Our consistently applied prudent capital management strategy continues to protect value and create a platform to deliver sustainable operations and future growth over the medium term.

Future focused insight

Evolving consumer demands together with advances in technology are transforming the retail landscape at an unmatched pace. We proactively adapt to this retail evolution & the changing role of the store, consistently challenging ourselves to meet current and future needs, to create seamless customer journeys and experiences. The quality of our portfolio and our future-focused strategy support our capability to take advantage of this developing market trend.


Our purpose and values drive our business activities, including how we approach risks and opportunities and how we engage with stakeholders.


We prioritise delivering transformation, diversity, equity and inclusion. We are a proud B-BBEE Level 1 contributor and our Chief Executive’s “One woman at a time” challenge prioritises gender equity, which affirms our position as a transformed, diverse and inclusive leader in the property industry in South Africa.

Liberty Two Degrees is a precinct focused retail centred portfolio, with an iconic portfolio of South African assets that are dominant in their economic nodes.

Our operating environment, much like the world we live in, is changing at a rapid pace. The evolving retail environment and needs of physical property users, have only served to accelerate the rate of change. We continue to stay relevant and competitive by future proofing our assets in a manner that speaks to the changing needs of our tenants and positions the business for sustainable operations and future growth.


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Tenant Retention

For L2D, value is inherently tied to our purpose of continuing to create experiential spaces to benefit generations. This benefit goes beyond the in-the-moment experience we wish to create. We want to produce lasting impressions tied to an enduring legacy of positive impact and The Good We Do

To maintain and enhance the quality of our assets, we passionately pursue operational excellence and seek to stay abreast of property and leisure trends to cater to the ever changing needs of customers. We care about our surrounding communities, society and minimising our impact on the environment, which we address through several meaningful and innovative initiatives.


Smart Spaces
Good Spaces
Interactive Spaces
Safe Spaces

Embracing technology

Creating smart environments by integrating technology to enhance customer’s and retailer’s experiences, securing our position at the forefront of innovative thinking.


Sustainable and flexible

Ensuring minimal impact on the environment by adopting a flexible sustainable strategy.


Ideas and experience

Interactive Spaces is about providing and interchange of ideas and experiences within the L2D malls. The emphasis is on interaction, a fast pace, excitement, experience and stimulus, with a vision to create vibrant and diverse spaces with experience at their heart. Interactive Spaces encourages common ownership, placemaking and enjoyment of the physical environments in which L2D operates.


Safety and security

L2D’s building blocks are all underpinned by Safe Spaces. L2D aims to drive a clearly defined mall strategy that ensures the mall environments hold the highest standard of safety and security for tenants and shoppers.


Our business & energy model focuses on achieving outcomes that supports and drives L2D’s vision and purpose outcomes. Our business model efficiency is managed through progress tracking of strategic value drivers, which are central to actions that propels our business forward.




to continue to create experiential spaces to benefit generations.



to be the leading South African precinct-focused, retail-centred portfolio



passion, accountability, care, excellence (PACE)

Our purpose and vision guide our strategy and underpin our everyday business activities. We combine our energy with our business model to fulfil our vision and purpose.

Leveraging the experience and expertise of our management team ensures that we are well positioned to achieve our objectives.